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Best-In-Class Transportation Facilities

Parents needn’t worry about their children commuting to the BOMIS campus. We have air-conditioned buses that can pick up and drop off students from their homes to the school and vice versa. For the safety of every child, we follow strict passenger safety guidelines.

Sports Ground - Birla Open Minds International School

Sports Ground

At BOMIS, we believe that sports can have a positive impact on the child’s ability to face life’s toughest situations. For this reason, we offer top-of-the-line sports facilities like professional football fields that students can utilize to bring out the athlete in them.

Table Tennis

BOMIS believes that table tennis plays an important part in developing mental acuity and stimulating alertness. The sport requires a good deal of technique along with fast reflexes, and hand and eye coordination.

Table Tennis Court - Birla Open Minds International School
Computer Lab - Birla Open Minds International School

State Of Art Computer Labs

BOMIS has state of art computer labs with the latest hardware and software. With optimised supportive infrastructure and a team of extremely competent staff, the school imparts computer education to students at junior, middle, and senior school levels to explore IT-enhanced learning programs.


The library in BOMIS comprises a range of books on all subjects. It facilitates diverse life skills and also enhances personal development in children. The library promotes critical thinking, curiosity, innovation, and desirable study habits among students.

Library - Birla Open Minds International School
Math Lab - Birla Open Minds International School

Maths Lab

In our Maths lab, students enjoy and learn mathematics through various mathematical teaching aids like charts, board games, puzzles, patterns, etc. Our Maths lab takes knowledge of the student beyond the school curriculum and lays down a firm foundation for abstract thinking.

AV Room

The air-conditioned audio-visual room in BOMIS provides a good learning experience for the students by appealing to most of their senses. To enhance the subject knowledge of our students, we screen a number of subject-related films and documentaries for an integrated learning process.

AV Room - Birla Open Minds International School
Advanced Robotics Lab

Advanced Robotics Lab

The advanced robotics lab at BOMIS exposes students to the basics of Robotics and programming languages from an early age. The advanced robotics lab will act as an ideal platform for teaching STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by stimulating their minds to problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Dance Room

We provide spacious dance rooms with the necessary instruments to train our students in various dance forms. Through these dance forms, students are encouraged to express themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Crafts Room

We, at BOMIS believe that crafts play an indispensable part in students’ learning process and are vital in bringing out the creative best in them. Our crafts room opens doors for new ideas and experiences besides paving way for understanding the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

Art Room

The art room of the BOMIS campus provides ample opportunities for its students to express their creativity and imagination. By engaging the students in various artistic activities, the art teachers can help build physical, cognitive, and social development skills.

Music Instrument Room

BOMIS provides specialised training to students in musical instruments of both Western and Classical origin. Students can learn musical instruments as per their interests and under the guidance of qualified musicians.